by Andrea Costanzo aka @TheJunkenstiein

In troubled times, when black waves of depression are hidden behing every corner, daily, one needs to keep his emotions alive. And my personal and addictive emotion inducing drug is music. Its the direct language of the heart and soul, translating the bursts of adrenaline, tears, passion and laughter that made the grey routine less desperate into a sound that can move with you and wrap you in its comforting blanket of vibes.

I’ve been clinging to strongly emotional music lately, trying to keep my heart beating, even if it hurts, so it wouldn’t dry up and stop feeling.

The delicate piano driven pop of Bridget and The Squares is a sweet starter. It feels like the city lullabies of Fiona Apple but coated with a bittersweet dose of gentle despair. The female vocals sing about loved ones hurting, broken hearts and the beauty of having people who surround you when you’re breaking into tiny pieces, to hold you together like glue. Its stuff that hits close to home for me, and it sounds even more powerful through the melodies of the band. Gentle but intense like a warm burning flame.

To keep the soul edgy, singer/songwriters always work, so theres place for the Shreve brothers Randall and Benjamin. Different style but they both represent well what i love about the magic power of one man expressing his bare soul through notes. Randall goes theatrical and operatic in his “The Entertainer”. He reminds me of the “torch singers” like Nina Simone in the past or Rufus Wainwright and Anthony and The Johnsons today. He bares his soul and creates little pieces of emotion that create choreographies in your head making you dance inside your heart, even if you can’t. And Benjamin, while approaching emotion differently, hits in a similar way, with guitar riffs and rock attitude. His songs are thick and sweaty but they have a pulsating core of love in them. They make you feel like a rockstar but with storms inside.

And to close the day, wind down and get ready for the sexiness of the night, theres the velvety trip hop of Suz. A sexy diva from Italy that drops her warm melodies of the dark on sounds that recall the hottest moments of Tricky, Portishead and early Massive Attack. The bass massages your ear like a warm pair of gentle but expert hands. And her singing is wet kisses for your inner lover. Musical foreplay. We’re all lovers, baby.


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