by Andrea Costanzo AKA The Junkenstien

The Break-Up and The Lovers Re-United

My love relationship with music, my lover and partner, during the best and worst years of my life,
was, recently, put to the test.

So many bands creating mediocrity where they once weaved simple patterns of pure emotion that
(like only music can do) spoke to my soul, without the need of any language, that wasn’t notes and vibes.

Now many times, the wizards turned into plastic sellers of tunes that give no emotions, and only fill my ears to be forgotten in an instant.

I remember the days where i waited for an album to come out, recording on a VHS tape the video
of a new single, sometimes even just a short bit of it. And how then i replayed the video until the
tape was on the verge of snappin’. But those moments filled me with joy.

I remember saving money to buy said long waited cd, and the sometimes being disappointed but
forcing myself into appreciating what i heard, cause it cost hard earned money.

Then with the digital era, things became more chaotic. You could get the great albums even before the release but still that made you jaded. And the music started getting mediocre., it was a fault in both directions. I got music too easily, but even buying it on itunes in a faster way, just made me notice how soulless it had got.

Radiohead, Dredg, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Megadeth, Soundgarden. They were playing music made to be sold at high price and instantly forgotten. No memorable anthems that i would sing at night while driving, me, the roads and a loud stereo.

My lover had become cold and boring.

So i discovered the side of her a few know. Bands that have no contract, that play music that is
underground, uncovered,m ignored. Bands that go to the roots of music, playing blues, soul, rock
and everything else because they have it inside their heart. Hard to find, a constant discovery.
Exploring sites devoted to those bands, downloading their stuff for a small donation, cause all they want is to be heard and not famous. Going to shows in tiny clubs where the ticket is affordable and you can even meet the musicians.

The love story thrives on this and its reborn. Music is still my lady and she’s always with me.
Doesn’t disappoint me anymore. You just gotta know where to find her hot spots.


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