Meet Sunshineblonde

By Sunshineblonde

I was asked months ago to be part of the Rhi-Post and I was so excited about it. I had planned on whipping out a quick piece to contribute to the first edition. However, for the first time in my life, I had writers block! For anyone who knows me knows that I always
have something to say and have a hard time staying quiet! It was so strange to feel like I had nothing to say. I think about it now and wonder if it was stress induced writers block caused by my job? I will never know for sure. I first thought about writing a column
dealing with things in the medical field, since that is what I do. I have extensive medical knowledge and thought about doing some sort of Q & A. I decided to scrap that idea.

One thing I would like to do is give you a brief run down on my life. My story starts as a child raised in a Pentecostal home with loving parents, who I thought were way too strict. For crying aloud….I could not even own a radio! Friends tell me that I really did
live like the kids in the movie Footloose! My dad’s mother was a preacher. I married young unfortunately. I lived a rough life as a married woman. I was emotionally and physically abused. I think that was the worst part of my life. It was worse than living
with an alcoholic right after I divorced. Yeah, I made bad man choices. I own up to it. Hell, I had two major tragedies happen to me at age 17, so I guess I can understand what happened. Let’s see…I was raped at age 17 by my boyfriend/future husbands best friend.
The worst thing though at age 17 was finding out I was born without a uterus and would never have children naturally. What the hell! A real self-esteem buster.

Enough of the drama! One thing that is very important to me in life is music. No matter what I have gone through in life, it has been my lifesaver. Nothing beats the feeling you
get when you hear a loved song. You close your eyes…..tilt your head back and just soak in the feelings the words and the music fill your head with. I feel lucky in the fact that I like so many genres of music. Some people do not give everything a chance and I feel
sorry for them. Open up your mind and hearts people! Get to know new music and new people. I do not know what my next entry will be for the Rhi-Post. I think I will take it as it comes. Maybe I will talk about how I recently decided that I am a Pansexual. I was
tired of everyone else trying to label me, so I found my own label instead. For those of you who do not know, a pansexual is considered “gender blind” and loves a person for the person they are and not their gender. I guess that is it until next time!

Here are a few songs I like. Enjoy!
Austra – “Lose It”:
Matt & Kim Album Sidewalks- Silver Tiles:
Sick of Sarah “Overexposure”:
Hunter Valentine – Revenge **UNCUT, Explicit Version:


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