Handmade Revolution

by Kataish

Hi. My name is Kata, I’m 28 and I’m a craft addict. Ever since I was a small child, I’ve been obsessed with making things and “crafting”. It all started with drawing and taking art classes, and through the years turned into sculpting, pottery, beading, doll-making, crocheting, and then knitting. Currently my main hobby/obsession is knitting.

When I was about 7, my Oma tried to teach me how to knit and crochet. That young, I didn’t quite have the dexterity and mental capacity to understand how the needles (or hooks) and yarn worked together, but when I was re-introduced one slow and boring night shift at my call-centre job, a co-worker convinced me to try again. It clicked, I “got” it, and that was it. There was all of my free time and money. Now, six years later, even my husband has developed an interest in knitting and crafting, he knits the most beautiful and amazing socks that I’ve ever seen. We often go out and knit in public (at Starbucks or other coffee shops), and people are constantly coming up to us and commenting about how they remember their mother/grandmother/aunt/etc. constantly knitting and making everything they could. Where has that part of society gone?

Families used to pass down heirloom crafted items, and the art and knowledge of crafts. Now everyone seems to want to take the easy way out, buying everything and never putting any effort or thought into gifts. In my household, the majority of gifts are handmade – knit, drawn, or baked. I don’t have a large family that I exchange gifts with on a regular basis, but my immediate family have all told my husband and I that they love to receive gifts from us because they are handmade. My step-father loves socks, my mother loves gloves and decorations, my brother and sister-in-law both love hand-knit socks, even my niece and nephew do too! It brings me a lot of pleasure to create something special – knitting love into every stitch – that can be enjoyed by the recipient for years to come.

People often ask me how much particular items cost to make. How much is a skein of yarn that I can knit a pair of socks from? Approximately $10-$30 depending on the type of yarns you like. Yes, it costs WAY more than a pair of socks you can buy in a big box store, and yes, it takes hours and hours of knitting to create a beautiful pair of socks, but they will last longer, they’re more interesting, and I manage to entertain myself for hours in the process of knitting the pair of socks.

I can’t imagine my life without hobbies, and so many people “these days” just want to take the easy road out. What does everyone do with their free time if they don’t have hobbies? That’s what I don’t understand. If you’re reading this and don’t currently have a crafting hobby, why not try something you’ve been interested in? I promise you that crafting is worth the effort, it brings us back to our roots of taking care of our own, and you’ll feel more productive in your free time!