by Rhian, Editor

Everyone has someone that has impacted them in some way. I used to run in fairly high-profile circles, and people of celebrity or such status never phased me. We are all just people. As long as you aren’t a jackass for the sake of being a jackass or hiding the true you to harm others, we’ll probably get along. At least I will go in with the intent to like you. Cross me though, no matter who you are, we are done.
There is one inspiration for me that has inspired me my adult life. We have a connect, and I cannot believe I have not met her yet. Today, I had to take a chance – something I can’t pass up – Oprah is having Stevie Nicks on the show. I submitted an essay and 3 pictures of myself to the show. It is not something that I would usually do, however I would like to share a bit of someone very special to me with you, and in my hopes to thank her in person for what she has done for me.
Stevie Nicks has impacted my life in so very many ways. I was a professional dancer and teacher (ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop etc) Sometimes I was compared to Cyd Charrise. I lived for singing, dancing and made it my life and career. Stevie was a huge part of my inspiration, on the stage and off. Her words and music, stories and truths are incredible to hear. She has shared her gift of life with us all.
As anyone, Stevie has had her many struggles. She taught me that it is okay not to be strong for all of the people all of the time – but that it is not a weakness, it is human. Besides having ethereal beauty, and a voice of no other it is her presence. I was lucky enough to see her in concert twice.
I have since had to quit working as a dancer, and stop working altogether. Four years ago in April, my life that I knew it stopped. I was diagnosed with the potentially fatal auto-immune disease Lupus (SLE). I became progressively worse quite fast. From owning the stage, I can barely walk now more than a few steps on my own, and the pain is incredible. I am from Canada but I spend the winters in San Diego due to the harsh Ottawa winters. Simple things are such a challenge. In the scary moments, I went to Stevie. Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Rock a Little…her lyrics help me keep fighting in a fight that is is too easy to give in. I have lost all income, means, not on any social assistance – but I have Stevie’s music, DVDs, books, history – as much as I can allow with what I can manage.
I would love the chance to meet Stevie, to thank her in person for the gifts she has and continues to give me. And maybe we can compare ballet stories…Thank you for this possible opportunity.