Tales from My Shame-Ber: Why I like the Twilight Saga

by Lushrain

This will be a  recurring column highlighting the items in my Shame-ber. If you are not familiar with a Shame-ber* it is a room with no windows in which you can enjoy your deepest darkest guiltiest pleasures.   Each time I will let you learn about the things I love that I shouldn’t love but are oh-so-awesome.

So for my first Item I bring to you the Twilight Saga:

I first heard about Twilight from my sister-in-law. She being a teen at that time had read the books and had just gotten the latest and final book in the series, Breaking Dawn. I looked at its shiny black cover with a red ribbon across the front of it and I was intrigued. I am a girl that is attracted to shiny things. I made a mental note to read the books at some point.

Cut to a year or two later and now the Twilight phenomena is in full force. The first movie is out and on DVD already and the second is slated to come out shortly. I finally decided to read what all of this was about. I caved and bought Twilight the first in the series. I was prepared for it to be bad. I wanted it to be bad.

Then I realized that as my soul died a bit when I picked up that first book and I when through the stages of grief:

Denial: I was only going to appreciate Twilight series ironically and never seriously. I hated the first book. It was a teen romance sprinkled with vampires for conflict. It had everything a teen girl would love: a boy that loves you so much he doesn’t sleep, eat, or do anything without you. Oh and he sparkles.
I watched the first movie and it was worse than the book. The main actors play sad and conflicted as constipated/almost crying.

Anger:   I hated that I wanted to watch all of the movies and really wanted to read the books.  Why was these stupid vampires bringing me in and making me want to secretly host a Twilight party?

Bargaining: I was just reading the books and watching the movies to see how it played out. I would never be one of those people who really liked it. I would never be apart of a team.
I will only watch the movies if they happened to be on my TV. I would only read the books once and nothing more. I wouldn’t look up anything Twilight related on the interwebs.

Depression: Why do I want to see Eclipse the weekend it opens. Dear god what is wrong with me? Why am I dragging my husband (who has to be fair read all of the books) to see this movie. I am just going to sit here and wallow in the Twilight airing on Showtime.

Acceptance: Fuck it. I like it and i am going to squee like a girl when it is on. I think I can free up room in my Shame-ber to add the series. I never wanted to be an ironic hipster anyways.

So there I am. I haven’t finished Breaking Dawn (but plan to shortly) I am counting down the days till it comes out in the theaters. I own two soundtracks and desperately want the one for Eclipse. I want the movies on DVD so I don’t have to wait for them to be on Showtime. I have a Twilight problem and I don’t need anyone to cure me. I like my vampires and I am okay if sometimes they sparkle.

*The word Shame-ber was coined by Luke Burbank of the Too Beautiful to Live Podcast