by Blondeinred

With Blondeinred the naughty Aussie with her finger on…. The pulse of the adult novelty industry.

I’m the Blondeinred – KATG devotee (more about devoteeism in a later addition) and adult store worker here in Brisbane Australia. Each edition I will bring you a toy review and some cheeky ways that you can spice up your “self love” or raise the temperature of your partner play. My ethos behind toys is that every toy you invest your hard earned cash in should have at least three ways of using it, so as to get more bang for your buck, yank for your yen or pounding for your pound. So lets rock this out lets Lube-RHI-cated.

The We-vibe II- Not just for the ladies.

You would be forgiven for thinking that a toy, that’s rechargeable – wearable and shaped for female comfort would be just a toy for the ladies. Well here’s the surprise, the WE-Vibe II is a multi-speed vibe that boys love!

Too often the brothers are left out of the game when it comes to toys, but the we-vibe is truly the first vibe that is completely unisex in nature. So when she is out, pop into her naughty drawer, grab a awesome quality Digital Playground DVD and place the wevibe around the base of your penis. Lube is optional but it will make they whole experience more slippy, exciting and much less grippy.

Whilst giving yourself manual stimulation cup the we-vibe around your hand and slide away. Using the we-vibe as such leads to intense orgasms and is a fantastic way to get used to vibrations when you go for gold during partner play. Ladies using the we-vibe on your boy is just as easy. Avoid those “Girls don’t give hand-jobs arguments”, cup the we-vibe in your palm and start stroking that gearstick of LOOOOVEEE. After your session of sexy self-lovin, please ensure that you clean her we-vibe with a quality all-natural toy-cleaner and pop that little dynamo on recharge for later use.

Quick Tip:

Don’t prod her with plastic – pleasure her with a passionate press of your bunny ears.

A quick and favorite tip as to the best way to use a vibe on your partner – Don’t poke at her with that plastic like your tapping out morse code. Hold your vibe in your hand and extend your fingers out like bunny ears and then make gentle circles on her place-of-passion and bring her up to a slow intense orgasm. The skin against skin contact feels amazing and much more natural that Rubber Lovin.

This has been Blondeinred getting LUBE-RHI-CATED for the RhiPost, please forward your toy questions to